Feb 3rd 2020

Appraising the Value of Your Rebozo

Purchasing a rebozo can require a significant investment. A rebozo can cost as little as $15US or it can be priced in the thousands of dollars. How then would you know the real value of the rebozo passed down to you by your grandmother or the one you want to purchase at a rebozo stall in the local market?

There are a number of factors that determine the value of a rebozo. For example, how long and how wide is it? How fine is the thread? How many colors does it have? Was it made on a backstrap loom or pedal loom? Who made it? What type of punta does it have? Each of these factors determine how rare or how unique your rebozo can be. Use this chart to compare values so that you can begin to identify what your rebozo is worth.